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Save Earth, Clean Up Plastic

We have a generous grant that allows us to promote creative activities that inspire others to clean up the planet. A stipulation of the grant only allows us to ask people to show others how to clean up plastic pollution (without offering money), but as a form of karma, we are able show the world those actions to promote sustainability and inspire others to take action!

Want to contribute to the campaign? Send our social media team a message using Instagram (@llacunaorg) and let us know you’d like to contribute something creative. Go out, find some trash, and show the world its possible for humans to clean up the planet!

Below are some humans helping protect the earth, just by sharing their stories and speaking up for the earth. Follow and like their pages to help us promote sustainability.

We need the help of models, influencers, brands and others to bring the world together around sustainability. It’s possible for our world to exist and not be polluted by plastics, but it starts with you! Reach out (@llacunaorg on Instagram or info@llacuna.org) if you have an idea for how we can inspire others to talk about pollution openly (and daily) until this issue is solved.

When you submit content that shares a message of improving the environment, we can promote that message through our network of advertisers that reaches tens or thousands of new people each day. By creating content you help us reach people about issues and causes you care about, and in turn we can change the world together!

Llacuna is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission of promoting sustainable community initiatives. We work globally to improve the quality of journalism, aid refugees, eliminate plastic pollution and much more. Submit content for this and other sustainable ad campaigns by visiting getting in touch with us on Instagram @llacunaorg or emailing info@llacuna.org.

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Llacuna is a 501(c)(3) public charity organization.  
Our EIN is 81-3307708. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.