Join The Legal Team Promoting Sustainability

Llacuna is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability and driving positive change. We believe that lawyers play a crucial role in creating a sustainable future.

Being a zealous advocate for sustainability comes with perks:

  1. Personal fulfillment and purpose.
  2. Professional opportunities and marketability.
  3. Skill development and innovation.
  4. Networking and collaboration.
  5. Recognition and influence.
  6. Personal growth and continuous learning.
  7. Positive impact on the planet and society.

If you are a lawyer passionate about making a real impact and contributing your legal expertise towards a sustainable world, we invite you to join our network.

Llacuna needs your help to address pressing global issues, including:

  • Environmental conservation and biodiversity protection
  • Social justice and human rights
  • Economic sustainability and fair trade
  • Ethical governance and corporate responsibility
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Renewable energy development and policy
  • Holding industry accountable
  • Sustainable urban planning and development
  • Sustainable agriculture and food systems
  • Water resource management and conservation
  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • International affairs

By joining Llacuna, you can contribute your legal skills to tackle these challenges and work towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

Why Join Llacuna’s Legal Team?

By joining Llacuna, you can:

  • Make a meaningful impact by using your legal skills to advance sustainability goals
  • Collaborate with a diverse network of like-minded lawyers and sustainability professionals
  • Help shape and influence environmental policies and initiatives
  • Gain valuable experience in sustainability-focused legal work
  • Expand your professional network and access exclusive events and resources

Get Involved

Join Llacuna’s network of passionate lawyers and contribute your legal expertise towards driving positive change by filling out the sign-up form at the top of this page.

Upon receiving your submission, our team will promptly review it and reach out to you. We value your commitment to sustainability and look forward to welcoming you to our community of dedicated advocates.

Together, let’s make a difference and create a sustainable and just future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Llacuna's Legal Team?Click to Expand

Llacuna’s Legal Team is open to, but not limited to, community members of all ages and backgrounds with an interest in law or policy, legal students, graduates, and practicing lawyers who are passionate about sustainability and want to use their legal expertise to drive positive change to help promote sustainability and community initiatives.

What type of issues will I work on as part of the Llacuna team?Click to Expand

As a member of Llacuna, you will help address various global issues, including environmental conservation, social justice, economic sustainability, ethical governance, climate change mitigation, renewable energy policy, industry accountability, sustainable urban planning, agriculture, water resource management, waste reduction, recycling, and international affairs.

What are the benefits of joining Llacuna's Legal Team?Click to Expand

Joining Llacuna may provide personal fulfillment and purpose*, professional opportunities, skill development, networking and collaboration opportunities, recognition and influence, personal growth, and continuous learning.

* Results may vary.

How can I contribute to Llacuna's Legal team?Click to Expand

You can contribute to Llacuna’s Legal Team by using your legal skills and knowledge to work on various sustainability issues. This could be through advocacy, research, policy development, or legal representation. If you are unable but woud still like to support our work, please visit to make a tax-deductible donation to Llacuna Inc.

Is there a membership fee for joining Llacuna's Legal Team?Click to Expand

Llacuna’s Legal Team does not currently require a membership fee. We are a non-profit organization and our goal is to bring together legal professionals passionate about sustainability. However, any voluntary donations to support our operations are always welcome and can be made tax-deductible by donating on which supports Llacuna Inc.

How do I join Llacuna's Legal Team?Click to Expand

To join Llacuna, please fill out the form available at the top of this page. After submission, a representative will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps. Wait times for a response may vary.

Is Llacuna only for lawyers in certain regions or countries?Click to Expand

No, Llacuna is a global network. We welcome people from all around the world who are passionate about promoting sustainability.

What are the commitments required after joining Llacuna?Click to Expand

While we encourage active participation, we understand that our members have other professional and personal commitments. Therefore, there’s no strict requirement for engagement. However, members are expected to uphold the principles of Llacuna’s Legal Team and contribute in their capacity towards our goals.

Can I decline opportunities after joining Llacuna?Click to Expand

Yes, you can. While we encourage active participation, we understand that our members have other professional and personal commitments. Therefore, you have the freedom to select the opportunities that align with your interests and availability.

Can I suggest new projects or initiatives?Click to Expand

Absolutely! We appreciate and welcome the innovative ideas and suggestions from our members. We believe that such contributions enrich our organization and help us tackle sustainability issues more effectively. To contribute new ideas, please leave community feedback on the Contact page.

What if I am not familiar with some of the legal areas that Llacuna covers?Click to Expand

That’s perfectly okay. Part of the journey with is about personal growth and continuous learning. We have diverse opportunities, and you can choose to contribute in areas that you are already familiar with, or use this chance to expand your legal knowledge and skills.

Will I receive training or resources from Llacuna?Click to Expand

Yes, Llacuna is committed to the professional growth of its members. We provide resources, training, and support to help you effectively contribute towards our sustainability goals.

Can I contribute to Llacuna while being employed elsewhere?Click to Expand

Yes, you can. Many of our members are practicing lawyers or legal professionals who contribute to Llacuna in their personal capacity. However, please ensure that your participation does not conflict with any obligations to your current employer.

Is there a minimum period of commitment required?Click to Expand

No, there is no minimum period of commitment required to be a member of Llacuna. You can choose to contribute on a project basis, or be involved in ongoing initiatives.

Can I leave Llacuna's Legal Team if my circumstances change?Click to Expand

Yes, you can. We understand that circumstances can change. If you decide to leave, we just ask that you let us know and complete any ongoing projects or hand them over properly.