We hardly give artists and creatives the credit they deserve for the contributions they make to society. Often throughout history, artists are only recognized for their work after they have long since passed on. We want to change that by giving artists a platform to organize on important topics related to sustainability.

The Llacuna Envoy is a free, volunteer program that offers project assistance to its members working to create a better world for everyone. By highlighting artists, makers, doers, and others who are committed to creating a better future, our hope is to be able to inspire and resource the next wave of sustainable change.

They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t.

I never painted dreams.

I painted my own reality.

Frida Kahlo (April, 1953)

Envoy Project

Case Study: Pakistan | Urdu

Learn how our tech division built the digital infrastructure for a global campaign to promote feminist art & end war by waging a “war against war”– a peaceful end to conflict that could happen within our lifetime.

Envoy Ambassadors

Activation: Climate Crisis

Your voice makes the difference.


Apply below to join of our global team of ambassadors working to fix the most crucial issues of our time. We’re looking for motivated people of all ages to join us in creating an independent network that acts as part of a global envoy to help protect the earth, it’s inhabitants and the future.