We’re helping to bring a clarity and vision about where we can go, if we stop oppression.

People can work on the projects they care deeply about, under their own initiative, to create a shared body of work that helps us better understand the world we live in. As a leading organization in this field, we have arranged a selection of works which exemplifies the work individuals can contribute. Multidisciplinary research that supports creative output, forms the basis for our understanding of critical dissemination.

We hope you enjoy learning complex topics through the exploration of creative works, from a variety of authors and collaborators working together to regulate global sustainability.

In the numbered pages below, explore our initiation sequence – designed specifically to awaken the creative spirit and make you dance. Each video is just waiting for you to amplify the volume using the standard controls. Explore each presentation at your own pace, in a relaxed environment. You may redistribute any of the materials presented in the section for educational use – send them to students, teachers and anyone who thinks the power of creativity can change the world.

At the end of the sequence you will be asked to provide feedback. Please use this as a space to provide critiques in an open public forum.