Fellowship – Social Media (Volunteer)

Llacuna is a non-profit organization committed to advancing sustainable development and community initiatives globally. We work passionately towards creating positive change by empowering individuals and communities to lead more sustainable and fulfilling lives. Our vision is to foster a world where people live in harmony with the environment and are actively engaged in creating a better future.

Llacuna is seeking passionate and creative individuals for our Social Media Fellowship program. This is a unique opportunity for aspiring content creators and social media enthusiasts to join our team and immerse themselves in the world of sustainable development and community initiatives. As a Social Media Fellow, you will have the chance to learn, grow, and make a meaningful impact by leveraging the power of social media and content creation to spread our mission.
Key Responsibilities:

1. Content Creation: Create engaging and informative social media content, including graphics, videos, blog posts, and other multimedia formats, that align with Llacuna’s mission and values.

2. Social Media Management: Manage and curate Llacuna’s social media.

3. Audience Engagement: Engage with our online community, respond to comments and messages, and foster meaningful conversations around sustainability and community initiatives.

4. Campaign Development: Collaborate with the marketing and communications team to develop and execute social media campaigns aimed at raising awareness and driving engagement.

5. Research and Trends: Stay up-to-date with social media trends, tools, and best practices, and apply them to enhance Llacuna’s online presence.

6. Analytics and Reporting: Monitor social media analytics to track the performance of content and campaigns, and provide insights for improvement.

7. Collaboration: Work closely with a cohort of Social Media Fellows and various teams within Llacuna to ensure alignment of messaging and consistency in branding.

8. Learning and Development: Participate in training sessions and workshops to enhance your skills in content creation, social media management, and sustainable development.

* Passion for sustainability and community initiatives.
* Strong written and visual communication skills.
* Proficiency in using social media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, VSCO, TikTok, Twitch, LinkedIn, etc.).
* Basic graphic design and video editing skills are a plus.
* Creative mindset and ability to think outside the box.
* Self-motivated and able to work both independently and collaboratively.
* Commitment to a 2-year volunteer fellowship.

* Hands-on experience in social media and content creation.
* Opportunities for personal and professional growth.
* Networking with like-minded individuals in the field of sustainability.
* The satisfaction of contributing to a great cause.
* Potential recommendations and references for future career opportunities.

How to Apply:
To apply for the Social Media Fellowship at Llacuna, please submit your resume, a cover letter explaining your interest in the position, and a portfolio of your previous social media or content creation work.

To apply for this job email your details to legal@llacuna.org