Salvavision helps provide support for refugees in Central and North America. We are providing direct relief to refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants on the U.S. border with Mexico.

Students in El Salvador building sustainable fishing projects

Dora Rodriguez and others have been visiting the temporary shelters setup by border communities to help deal with the migration crisis. She was once a refugee herself, fleeing death squads in El Salvador only to be rescued in the desert as one of the only survivors from her group. She’s now helping others stay alive by distributing aid, while also spreading awareness about the current migration crisis. In November of 2019, Dora was invited to speak with members of United States Congress in Washington by Amnesty International, alongside Scott Warren, to help explain the current crisis and put into perspective what is happening to migrants.

In 2018, 92k people sought border asylum.
In 2017, that number was only 55,584

Salvavision works with communities and resources to support refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in shelters along the Arizona border by collecting and delivering personal care items, clothing, food and water.

Salvavision educates migrants at shelters in Mexico, while also supporting students in El Salvador to help with a sustainable approach towards improving the current migration crisis. Salvavision provides support and resources to those who have returned to El Salvador to prevent unsafe migrations by providing economic resources for communities in El Salvador.