Llacuna & Microsoft – Sustainability

On July 1, 2022, Llacuna and Microsoft made announcements about sustainability, carrying a bold agenda to fix the climate crisis and soon to be energy challenge. Together, our organizations share resources to make the world a better place through creating sustainable solutions for the future. Microsoft and Llacuna have committed to supporting non-profit organizations, contributing an ongoing budget to assist organizations in promoting sustainability and community initiatives.

Brad from Microsoft reminds us that the GDP growth over the last century has been driven by energy use. To be able to restore order to nature, we must work in partnership with organizations and individuals trying to make the difference.

Llacuna offers partnerships and sustainability resources to many of the world’s leading organizations, including Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Apple, ORCHID, Meta, Culture and other Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders. Working together, we are able to find sustainable solutions biggest problems we face as a planet and people.