Get Involved in Grass-Roots Journalism

Llacuna is creating a community of amateur and professional journalists and creators to cover important news that is under-reported elsewhere. This is a great opportunity for anyone, regardless of previous journalistic experience, to learn how to create news segments and reports on important stories, especially stories related to climate change, migration, non-violence and sustainability as a whole.

What to Expect

At your own pace, you’ll work independently to produce content about issues you want to explore and learn more about. When you have questions, need guidance, or feedback, you will work with an editor who will provide guidance with whatever you need help with. The goal of this project is to empower journalists to cover stories that need to be covered for the benefit of everyone. Whether you have been contributing to the news for decades or you are still learning how it all works, we want to help you create reliable independent news from your own perspective.

How Does it Work?

Sign up below and you will be connected with editors who will reach out to you via email to get started. You set your own goals and editors will help provide you with resources to excel as a journalist.

Maybe you want to cover climate through exploring resources available in your community, for example. You might work with others to understand the processes for creating reports that value diverse perspectives and access to reliable information. Editors will help ensure you avoid the common mistakes inexperienced broadcasters and journalists might make and they will help you navigate complex topics that might arise in your reporting.

Still have questions? Email your questions to and we will happily answer them. We never share your information or sell your data.

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