Originally launched nearly 40 years ago as the MIT-Japan Program, MISTI has expanded to include opportunities for students and faculty through dozens of location-specific programs. You can help Llacuna in supporting these programs through making a donation directly to MIT’s Location Specific Funds.

Fostering global cooperation in education, research, and problem-solving

MISTI fuels MIT’s global mission by forging deep relationships with companies, universities, research institutions, non-profit organizations, and governmental entities around the world to address our shared challenges. Our partners serve as hosts for our students and collaborators for our faculty. They also enjoy privileged access to MIT’s research community and the opportunity to develop collaborative ventures with MIT faculty and students.

Over half of MIT undergrads have an international experience through MISTI or another global program before graduation. Whether they go once or over and over again, learning abroad is an unparalleled opportunity to experience the world while advancing knowledge and preparing for a role as a leader in an interconnected global society.

How Your Support Changes Lives


  • A $10,000 gift would create an opportunity for at least one student.
  • A $100,000 gift would create opportunities for at least ten students.
  • A major gift commitment of $500,000 over five years would fund ten students per year for five years.

Global Classroom (Faculty-Led Programs)

  • A $50,000 gift would enable us to fund at least 1 program for 10 students.
  • A $250,000 gift would enable us to fund at least 5 faculty-led projects for 50 students.