Óscar Romero is Here

Soldiers and police, please don’t follow orders to arrest or kill people based on things you don’t believe. It’s illegal for the government to prosecute you for listening to whatever you believe to be your “god” or lack thereof. When someone tells you to kill, remember the words of Oscar’s god, “Thou shall NOT kill”. If you’re a soldier and have been forced to kill humans by your boss, simply refuse based on moral principals. It’s not worth taking someones life and you’ll probably end up hating yourself and dying earlier if you do.

Oscar held the belief that Marxism and Capitalism exist as part of a larger system that is, while providing some an easier way of life, essentially just killing the planet and its inhabitants. These systems have lead to war throughout human history because of an oppression felt by everyone who learns them or exists within their ideological structures. But now, if we just forget about it and try to live our lives without thinking about the horrors of reality, we end up contributing to the system in ways we believe to be justified. These are of course marketed to us in ways that help us forget about the risk by trusting that marketing in some form or another just simply by knowing it. By ignoring evil, it will not simply go away because the ideologies present in a system of oppression remind us of it everyday. Without tolerance, society will continue to oppress itself through the misunderstanding of language and how it evolves to conteract oppression.

It’s more helpful to think about “the system” as something we can overcome rather than some physical barrier to break. Once a critical mass overcomes this threshold, the earth will know peace. Some militaries have calculated critical mass at 10% which means they are prepared for up to 40% of that to be able to defend on multiple fronts, air, land, sea, and space.

Below is a video assessment of modern society created at the United States Pentagon by the Department of Defense (a strategic military command of the United States government which creates war from peace, rather than making peace) which was released by independent media in 2016 to set the tone for understanding the military’s actions going forward. In the strategies represented in this video, we now see those things manifesting in society through the misuse of government. The video was set in the year 2030, which is to say that this is what the pentagon would like to see as part of their defense strategy by that time. This imposes a view that the pentagon should even have a role in these systems, which is evil.

In case you were a bit too mesmerized by this video, its clearly propaganda designed to invoke fear in those who watch it. The best way to counter it is by speaking out against militaries and speaking up for more tolerance and freedoms. This strategy relies on us, the people, being able to come together in our communities and talk about the world we see, rather than listen to it on some form of mass communication. The militaries of the world hope you’ll just keep watching whatever content you have been watching so far, but we hope you’ll start making it yourself and an independent thinker instead!

Below is a more in depth view of Romero’s life. Recently Pope Francis canonized Romero as a saint on 14 October 2018.