Print These Posters – Vol. 1

In 2022, Llacuna launched “Print These Posters”, the first of a series of free poster designs with the hopes that individuals will utilize and appreciate the designs by printing them and pasting them in local communities across the globe.

For the initial series, Llacuna commissioned three posters on the topic of Sustainability by Melbourne (Naarm), Australia based Graphic Designer and Art Director Colin McPartlin, who has received international notoriety from the ongoing project ‘Noachos‘, which aims to design a poster for all of the Noam Chomsky events listed on Noam’s official website and Facebook page.

You can view more of Colin’s work on Colin’s official website, as well as Colin’s Instagram page, where you can engage with the artist directly.

Below is the series (Volume 1) of posters which you can print and paste yourself to help aid in the ongoing global efforts to bring awareness to sustainability issues by engaging the public through peaceful, artistic awareness campaigns.