Wonder is a project Llacuna is overseeing to increase transparency for donated funds and serving our mission through creating a network of students, teachers, workers and community members to effect real change. Wonder is making people organize to create sustainable communities and campuses. To learn more and get involved, wonder.

Wonder rejects funding from state entities, including public universities. Wonder exists to support community as a external trusted resource for students, faculty, staff, and the community. When resources are only made available to groups on terms favorable to institutions, we end up with watered down versions of change that lose their power. Our hope is to act as a resource to the community to aid in aligning the people working for change with the funding they need to be effective.

Wonder is organizing to help empower people of all ages to contribute to sustainable initiatives, so that together we can contribute to making our communities stronger and work towards a sustainable future. Llacuna works to ensure money donated to wonder is accountable. To do this, we aim to created a public system of accountability where donations can be tracked publicly online.