Sasabe Crisis – NY Times

Miriam Jordan published a well timed piece on the Sasabe Crisis that made the front page of The New York Times today. The article features Dora Rodriguez from Salvavision Rescue and discusses the crisis in Sasabe, Arizona. Since the middle of September of 2020, Salvavision with several other organizations (Green Valley, Ajo, Tucson Samaritans, No More Deaths, Casas Alitas, and others) have been delivering 700 bags of fruit cups, protein bars, chicken sandwiches and water bottles weekly.

Photo: Dora Rodriguez prepares food to be distributed to migrants at the border.
Credit: Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times.

Detentions in October were up 30 percent over September, and the figure in coming months is expected be even higher, despite the biting cold in the Sonoran desert.

“The numbers we are seeing here don’t compare to normal times because of the pandemic, and we have been hearing from more migrants displaced by the hurricanes” said Ms. Rodriguez, who runs a humanitarian nonprofit called Salvavision.

“In people’s mind, they believe that a new administration will open the borders and give them an opportunity to stay,” said Ms. Rodriguez. “We are expecting a large number of people.”

The article goes on to explain how a new administration in the White House does not signal for an end of the crisis.

“[…] while Mr. Biden has said that he will cease construction of a wall, […] there is no sign that his administration will refrain from deploying […] sophisticated technology to capture border crossers” the article explains.

Give Now to support Salvavision provide critical aid to address the crisis in Sasabe and on the border. Salvavision helps refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers navigate a global migration crisis by providing aid & resources, while building stronger communities in Arizona and abroad.